TSG is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to business planning and transformation, with an emphasis on business model realignment versus operating model evolution. In this regard, TSG has a long history of working with financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, transportation, utilities, technology, telecommunications, and other industries worldwide. TSG brings this cross-industry experience along with a deep knowledge of transformation best practices to bear on client engagements.   

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Strategic Consulting

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Over 30 years  of expert services.

 Business management consulting and virtual

business mentoring


Our mission is to help your company

achieve tangible business results today,

while elevating business knowledge to leverage tomorrow’s technology.

Making sure you get the experienced, knowledgeable consulting you need and deserve.

Tactical Strategy Group, Inc. (TSG) is a management consultancy focused on strategic business transformation. In this context, TSG, working with executives, management, and rank and file professionals, helps businesses realize business strategies. TSG specializes in business-driven transformation, framed through the lens of business architecture, particularly where those efforts impact business-driven, IT architecture transformation.

TSG business transformation expert William Ulrich provides consulting and mentoring services in-person and virtually. Virtual mentoring includes options to engage Mr. Ulrich on an ongoing basis to address critical transformation challenges. He can assist with framing and interpreting strategy, business design, initiative planning, architecture transformation and deployment advisory work.


TSG’s overall philosophy is oriented around rapid knowledge transfer, where clients gain self-sufficiency in transformation best practices across a range of disciplines. TSG’s main goal is to help build client expertise, evolving in-house knowledge and skills in areas that executives have historically been quick to outsource. 

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​TSG takes on a limited number of scope-restricted engagements that specifically exclude operating model centered work related to business processes, Lean Six Sigma and IT implementation. As a basis for engaging, TSG initiates client relationships with an interview where TSG and the client gain confidence that the engagement is a good match for both parties. Assuming that the client buys into basic principles, including the position that business architecture is the underlying frame of reference for interpreting and realizing business strategy, TSG and the client may agree to engage.

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